High School India Service Trip Performance at Sustainable Solutions

The first ever Green School India Service Trip group has returned to Bali and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you! We are excited to present “Sketches of India”, an original multimedia theater and movement performance, telling the story of our magical journey.

When: Friday, May 3rd at 6PM at Sustainable Solutions

Where: Sangkep

Who: Friends of all ages are welcome

Our 3 week immersion in southern India began at Sadhana Forest,  an ecovillage Where we practiced the values of community, collaboration and selfless service whilst connecting to mother earth through reforestation. Then travelling to mahalabijipuran, visiting temples, experiencing deep personal reflection and nonviolent communication through an artistic creative process. Finally we spent time at Light Partnership, bonding and sharing stories with the young people who are living with HIV/AIDS. We were able to create new friendships and lifelong bonds. We have returned to Balil with a newfound understanding of community and deep connection, eager to share each of our unique experiences with our Green School family.


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