High School’s Sustainable Solutions Thursday

The High School team will be hosting the morning session of the Sustainable Solutions on Thursday, April 19 and would love to invite you to come tour some of our projects.

Thursday’s  HS Activities for Sustainable Solutions:

  1. The Bio Bus Team – The first steps to making Bio Bensin

      Location: IHub

  1. Graduating Seniors Section in the Sangkep

Sharing an compass mural of their Green Stone topics, capoeira,  tours to seed bank, martial arts and more…

Location: Sangkep

  1. OROS Green Building Tour

      With workshop and demonstration of natural building teachniques.

      Location: Oros

  1. Student-built Bamboo Bike Display

      Location: Oros

  1. Egg Painting Workshop

      Location: Gym

  1. Marble Roller Coaster

      Location: Gym

  1. Bio Bus – Turning cooking oil into soap

      Location: Heart of School Art Studio

  1. Climate Change Project Displays

      Location: Tent

Bonus in the afternoon and open to public also:

*S.O.A.P. – Student Ocean Ambassadors Project – 

-Show and Tell of Trash to Cash products/prototypes with science fair style booths.

–Screening our documentaries explaining the SOAP- Q and A with the film-makers

–Surf games – balance boards, Drs. ABC games

-Making environmentally friendly sunscreen

–Making Bioplastic & mushroom packaging

Location: Gym

We hope to see you there!

HS Team


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