HS Block 4 Course Selection

Welcome new high school families, and welcome back everyone!

Block 4 classes in high school are in full swing. Many students may need to change their classes to find the right fit for Block 4, and students are welcome to switch with faculty and advisor approval *this week only*. Please see HS Academic Advisor Ibu Melinda or email melinda.chickering@greenschool.org with questions or change requests. Changes should be made by FRIDAY, JANUARY 13.

Every six weeks, our HS students choose new classes. We believe our highly dynamic program cultivates both increased student engagement and opportunities for development of students’ academic self-sovereignty. Students have lots of options for how to fulfill their credits toward graduation, and they get to choose!

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be actively engaged in the course selection and advising process every block. Take a look at the Student Moodle with your student to discuss the course options each block. Please feel free to email HS Academic Advisor Ibu Melinda at melinda.chickering@greenschool.org or any of other HS faculty with your questions.

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