HS Orientation – Academics, IRESPECT, mindfulness, RAIN!

In Balinese culture, rain is a blessing, and our first two days of the 2016-2017 academic year have been truly blessed!

High school orientation began with discussion of IRESPECT values, the cornerstone of our community and program. Teams of students dodged downpours across the campus on a scavenger hunt, collecting video diaries of their findings to share with their peers and faculty. We’ve learned the Rules of the School from Head of Academics Ibu Leslie and each other and gotten mindful on the bamboo with yoga nidra (guided meditation practice).

Student course offerings for block one are now posted on the Moodle, so students and parents should discuss and finalize their selections this weekend. Please select a first and second choice for each color. Block one classes begin on Thursday, August 18.

On Monday and Tuesday, HS students continue orientation with Bio Bus excursions off-campus and celebration of Indonesian independence. Wednesday, August 17, is Indonesia’s National Day (Merdeka!), so we have no school.

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