• Kyle King

HS Update (Daily - Apr 30)

Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to bring some attention and expertise to the meta-state that I coined as 'being the bamboo'. Our counselor Alma recently shared this article with me about resilience and the stages of VICTIM>SURVIVOR>THRIVER. It worth a read and self-reflection. https://www.restorativecommunityconcepts.com/uploads/2/8/1/0/2810779/coping_-_article_3_covid-19_final.pdf

It will be one of the topics in our COFFEE TALK Today! We will also discuss the (a) the survey findings, (b) transition days and (c) Block 6 updates to the DL Program. 9am https://zoom.us/j/401426660?pwd=YzRVemhOUmRjNFMvdWpydWFCQmJhUT09 and 3:30pm https://zoom.us/j/181501553?pwd=NEZiTm1zS2VSSXlHeTZxdmMwUGVtQT09

Remember tomorrow is a Labor Day. No School. Hope to see in you the Coffee talks today!

Best -- KK

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