• Kyle King

HS Update (Daily -- June 2)

Good Morning Everyone,

Check out the avocado tree that a student is growing in their home. The permaculture principles are in effect with Distance Learning!

Okay, we are back at it today after being off for Pancasila day. FYI, students will be with their Advisors today continue on with their multiweek reflection. This along with their ePortfolio will be the written component of the reports in block 6. We are heading into the home stretch here. There are 3 weeks left to go!

I would also like take the opportunity to plug the origami dolphin challenge for World Oceans Day. Here is the video from Peggy Oki on how to make the folds. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive

Have a great day!

Best -- KK

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