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HS Update (Final Week - June 15)

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to the last week of school for this academic year. In all my years of being in education, I have never seen anything like this. Despite the unimaginable challenges, I am so grateful to belong to such a strong community. I will be daily updating on the website, but the biggies to have on your radar for the week include:

Final week of Classes

Classes run through Friday, June 19th with a focus on doing final presentations, doing final assessments and collecting final projects. This week teachers will update Alma on related student performance.


We hope to have reports out within a week after the last day of school. As a reminder, they will note have letter grades, rather show Pass or Incomplete. The written component will come in the form of student reflection. Students have been working on this over the past few weeks and processing with their Advisors in a discussion based and mindful manner.

Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony will be on Friday, June 19 at 6pm (18.00) Bali time. The entire event has been lovingly put together in a virtual production that we will watch together. The broader Green School Bali community will be invited to join but not the general public. The link to this event will be shared beforehand, but please note the date and start time in your schedule.

We are honored to have Artist-Activist and Skateboarding Legend, Peggy Oki join us as our Keynote Speaker. We will also hear from special guest Michael Franti as well as our Founders John and Cynthia Hardy. The evening will conclude with a virtual concert with performances by incredible musician friends of Green School.

Greenstone Round One Watch Party

A public watch party will be held to share the first 18 or so Greenstone presentations with the world. This will be on Sunday June 21 at 2pm, (14.00) Bali time. The students are preparing a separate invitation for this and you will receive this and the link very soon. Please put this in your schedule also. A second public watch party will follow with the date for this to be settled shortly. All Greenstones finished by Thursday this week will be included in the first watch party. The rest will be honored equally and shared via the second watch party. The watch party will be available via Facebook or Youtube with one speech followed by the next - Sangkep style.

We cannot share them in advance as all the final pieces of the three productions are not final and thus cannot be loaded up to produce the link. But we are very close and will be sharing soon.

With Kindness and Gratitude -- Kyle

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