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HS Update (Week - June 8)

I hope that you had a good weekend. We only have two weeks of school left and the end of the year is, by nature of it, a contemplative time, but for obvious reasons the reflection is more profound this year. There are so many forces at work that have separated us, but there is something very unique about how the world is coming together in cases of commissary, solidarity or otherwise emotionally connected ways. Below is a poem that Pak Shawn recently wrote, entitled, “Minneapolis Discourse”. It will be included in the World Oceans Day Festival tomorrow and it expressively takes us through the current tension and struggles to a hopeful and promising tomorrow.

The Minneapolis Discourse - for George Floyd We had learned that the ocean was a body of water we'd seen its azure painted on maps in class learned it had many names many locations and that its conditions were inconstant they sold us the idea that the sky was separate from the sea that the two blue mirrors could never touch that we, were also, separate from the sea separate from each other, that our bodies were not like walking waves, the ocean's salt drops unlike the bite of our blood we were told to believe the ocean could be dominated, like a beast plundered like a village disregarded like a child. But when they killed you we found ourselves swept suddenly, from sure footing suspended high in the brine buoyed and cajoled all together in the water we saw our tears, were in fact made from her self same salt we heard our roaring was the ocean's own roaring And when in wave and in wave and in wave we crashed into seawalls' armoring structures steel revetments, fortifications ramparts raised to divide the land from sea we saw the sea and sky were not separate that the ocean's body was our own body we realized, finally rebellious as a tempest uncontained by any barricade our force is the ocean's force illimitable nourishing destructive life brining ever moving, everlasting, continuous perpetual boundless

Shawn Thomas O'Docharty Saba, Bali June 7th, 2020

With that, let’s have a more detailed look at what is going on next week.

Monday, June 8th we will be filming Greenstones on campus. While there are strict restrictions on this activity on campus, please whoosh positive energy to all the grads that are having this alternative Greenstone experience. We had a rehearsal on Saturday and I can promise you that these Greenstones are special. We will start airing them in the last week of school.

Monday, June 8th is WORLD OCEANS DAY! Pak Francis and SOAP team has done an extraordinary job putting together a line up for everyone to engage. If you have been origami'ing then please drop off your contribution at Green School before tomorrow at 1:30pm. We are hoping to have a few thousand paper dolphins that we make into an installation and then we will present to the Indonesian Government in gratitude for their great work with the Ric O'Barry's project. Check it out: https://www.greenschoolbalieverywhere.greenschool.org/woah

Friday, June 12th, we will have our last round of coffee talks. I already shared with you the slide presentation from last week. If you haven’t already had a look, I recommend it as it contains more developments about our learning program for next year, not to mention some recommended resources that might be helpful for having conversations about race in the household. Here are the links for next Friday’s talks:

Morning 9am (Bali time): pwd=YzRVemhOUmRjNFMvdWpydWFCQmJhUT09

Afternoon 3:30pm (Bali time):https://zoom.us/j/181501553?pwd=NEZiTm1zS2VSSXlHeTZxdmMwUGVtQT09

Lastly, as a reminder, Alma is updated with students' most up to date progress in their classes. You will see descriptive feedback from teachers. We will not be reporting with teacher comments on the final Block 6 report, the written component will come as a reflective ‘time capsule’ from the students. They have been working in the Advisories on this for a couple of weeks on this already. The aim is to also include student ePortfolios. Our G12s have been leading the way with this. See the coffee talk presentation for some great examples.

Wait, I almost forgot. I have recently set up a Green School Bali Twitter account. I provide this to give you a sense of my flavor and educational philosophy. I hope that it can spark important conversations. Kyle King @KyleKingGSB.

Be Well -- KK

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