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HS Update - (Weekly - Apr 20)

Dear HS Parents and Students,

Before the updates and announcements, we’ll start with some Deep Thoughts by two of the greatest poets of the 20th century.

FOR STUDENTS, now that you’re spending way too much time at home: “MOMMY’S' alright, DADDY’S alright, they just seem a little weird…” (Rick Nielson)

FOR PARENTS, now that you’re spending way too much time at home with your children:

Chaos only when you're in it / It'll all be clear in a minute / Hold on, hold on / We'll be alright / As long as the late nights turn into sunrise (alright) / As long as we got stars to count on we are alive / As long as our hearts can battle scars and put up a fight / As long as there's tears to cry, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT...” (Pete Townshend)

With those profound words sinking in, let’s have a look at the week ahead.

Block 6 Course Selection

The course selection slides will be posted in your child’s Homeroom Google Classroom on Thursday. While the selection process is no different than it has been all school year (with the exception of in-person teacher pitches) teachers will go over the selection process on Thursday/Friday’s Well Being class. Selections are due on Monday, April 27th.

Alma Updates

GRADES and with DESCRIPTIVE COMMENTS and ‘WEEKLY SUMMARIES’ for Apr20-24 should be real-time updated in ALMA. Please take a look at how your child is doing and what the learning objectives are for the week ahead. Do not hesitate to reach out to Ibu Harriett, Ibu Amanda, Pak Tom, Pak Kyle, and most importantly, the teacher, if you have any questions or concerns. Log on video here.

Earth Day

Wednesday we honor Mama Earth. In so many ways Mama Earth is happier than ever with the lessened impact due to the global shut down. During Advisory we will discuss these interesting trade-offs with a call to action for Wednesday. As a family go through the Advisory Presentation and decide how you can “ACTIVATE”.

Coffee Talk

The theme of the Friday Coffee Talks is BLOCK 6. I and other key members of the HS will present the offerings with an emphasis on explaining changes to the Jalan Jalan program. We will also discuss proposed changes to the Distance Learning Program. Friday, Apr 24th, 9am zoom link here and 3:30pm zoom link here.

The slide show presentations from LAST week: Friday Apr 17th, 9am and Friday Apr 17th, 3:30pm

Minor DL Adjustments

We are listening to teachers, students and parents to meet teaching and learning needs. Note the following CONCERNS and STRATEGIES:

(1) CONCERN - Bring more balance to the synchronous and less asynchronous learning with more allocation to the synchronous experience to provide for more discussion and contact with teachers. This would cut down on confusion on asynchronous assignments. STRATEGY - Teachers honor the synchronous learning time and plan for engaging students in a discussion manner.

(2) CONCERN - More consistent communication on how teachers are especially on where and when zoom meetings are being posted, but also being explicit on google classrooms. STRATEGY - Teachers will honor the timetable for scheduled synchronous experiences and all Zoom meetings will be posted on google classrooms for students to access.

(3) CONCERN - Make sure that assignments are meaningful and not busy work. STRATEGY - Teachers will keep in mind to “do less, better” and strive to deliver on the essentially learning outcomes for the course.

(4) CONCERN - Too much Screen time. STRATEGY - Teachers will strive to bring more balance online with practical off-screen experience.

(5) CONCERN - Students are missing the advisory and community time synchronous experiences that are not graded. STRATEGY - Teachers will be scaling back to open more time up capacity for students. Students include this in the timetable and Parents encourage them to participate. Consider making Community Time mandatory for Block 6.

(6) CONCERN - Students are spending their time online as gaming, youtubing and chatting can be very distracting to getting assignments done. STRATEGY - Parents monitor their online activity. Check in with them on a regular basis on their progress and to see if they are on task. Consider making NO Phone Policy for Block 6.

(7) CONCERN Students are coming late to zoom meetings. STRATEGY - Parents have a copy of your student's schedule and be aware of when they are supposed to be going online for a synchronous learning session.

(8) CONCERN - Students are missing assignment deadlines. STRATEGY - Parents check the weekly summar

y as a prompt to ask students how they are doing in regards to specific areas of learning.


Parents remember the WEBSITE is the best place for you to visit for the most updated information on Distance Learning and includes quick access to ALMA. Green School Everywhere website Password: GSimpact2020.

Community Time

There have been requests for us to require Community Time. Please understand that this time is not to socialize. These are fun or relaxing offerings by volunteer parents and teachers. Singing, yoga, writing… and they are offered to both middle and high school students. At this time we cannot require a student to take advantage of these options, but we highly recommend they do. We will revisit this as we approach Block 6.

Thanks for the support, strength and patience as we continue to navigate the Distance Learning world. See you online this week and don’t forget to watch the daily updates on the website!

With much love and gratitude,

Pak Kyle, Ibu Peni, Pak Tom, Ibu Emily, Ibu Harriett, Ibu Amanda

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