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HS Update (Weekly - June 1)

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that you are having a nice weekend. Today is Pancasila Day. It celebrates the national principles – Pancasila, the Javanese expression of ‘five principles’, the state ideology of Indonesia, as put forward in a speech by Indonesia’s First President Sukarno in 1945. As I have said this whole block, while we technically are not in session, but these holidays don’t have to be idle and without learning. Every student has a self-selelcted Jalan Jalan project that on-going or today can be used as a catch up day OR if nothing else fold some Peggy Oki origami dolphins to support activism for World Oceans Day! We have folded about 50 so far in the King household (Instructions here) See more below about the WOAH Festival and other announcements for the week ahead.

Peggy Oki, our Graduation Speaker, has shared with us her origami project to kick off and activate World Oceans Day for the Green School Community. Peggy is a good friend with Ric O’Barry. Many of you will remember the dolphin rehabilitation project we were involved with back in October. If you are in Bali, drop off your origamis at Green School on June 7 or 8. The dolphins will be stitched together and presented to the Indoneisan Government as a gesture of gratitude for taking a position against the captivity of dolphins and supporting establishing Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Sanctuary in Banyuwedang Bay, West Bali. The origami curtain will be presented to the following government officials from the Ministry of Forestry, Ibu Siti Nurbaya, Dhr Wiratno and Director and Ibu Indra Eksploitasia.

On Friday we will have another round of student progress updates in Alma. You can expect to see descriptive feedback and assessment on assignments in Block 6 thus far. Remember we have gone gradeless in block 6 and students will receive a final mark as ‘Pass’ or “Incomplete’. This is a great opportunity for learning to take place in an authentic, without the extrinsic grade factor.

We continue to work on our Distance Learning program for next academic year. We are leaning toward a targeted curriculum/hyflex model (see the attached presentation from coffee talk May 29). There is still a lot to work out and we continue to shape the program as more information comes about both national and international legalities and restrictions.

It is an honor to announce that Chayton Thompson and Isabel Wijsen are the 2020 Class Valedictorians. It is worth noting that there were more than 10 nominations and this reflects very well on the mutual respect across the class. You can expect to hear more on the graduation ceremony in the next week.

By popular demand we will keep coffee talking. The other Learning Neighborhoods will be consolidating, but we will keep our Friday schedule. Morning 9am (Bali time): pwd=YzRVemhOUmRjNFMvdWpydWFCQmJhUT09 Afternoon 3:30pm (Bali time):https://zoom.us/j/181501553?pwd=NEZiTm1zS2VSSXlHeTZxdmMwUGVtQT09

Have a great day and week ahead!

Best -- KK

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