• Kyle King

HS Update (Weekly - May 18)

Good day to everyone!

I hope that you had a nice weekend and are poised for the week ahead. Today marks the start of Week 3 of our 7 weeks in Block 6. For those of you that were wondering we will be keeping classes in the last week of school, June 15-19. However, this time will NOT be used to introduce new material, but finish projects, presentations and assessments. Please see below for the big updates and news for the week.

-Block 5 Reports are released.

-Remember to Check the “weekly summaries” are posted on Google Classroom and Alma. Here you will find the expectation for the week.

- Coffee Talks for Parents. There will be more information about the International HS teaching team announced. Morning: https://zoom.us/j/401426660?pwd=YzRVemhOUmRjNFMvdWpydWFCQmJhUT09 Afternoon: https://zoom.us/j/181501553?pwd=NEZiTm1zS2VSSXlHeTZxdmMwUGVtQT09

-If you haven’t seen it already, here is the website that Ibu Amanda created this year for pathwaying students to tertiary or post secondary learning and other opportunities. It is a really great way to get a handle on how to plan and matriculate beyond Green School. https://sites.google.com/greenschool.org/gs-post-graduate-options/home

-Please remember to check Alma for weekly summaries and this Friday there will be a ‘real-time’ update on your child’s progress through 3 weeks.

Hope that you are continuing on well. I have recently come to think of this experience as the ‘beautiful struggle’. While this is not easy, I encourage you to find what is precious and hopeful during these times. For me watching Grade 12 student, Harry Rolstron speak as a special guest to the Zayed Sustainability Prize talk series, re-affirmed the value of our work at Green School. His insights were optimistic for the future. To summarize, he said your circle of friends is where it all starts and this crisis gives us even more reason to make bold decisions for a sustainable future. Harry, Greta and Gen Z are ready for action! See the full talk here: https://www.facebook.com/ZayedSustainabilityPrize/videos/847730542390023/

Have a great week everyone.

Best -- KK

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