Ibu Ida’s first week of term 2

Mentor group

On Monday we had a discussion to make our time table to use the afternoon mentor time efficiently. We agreed to have Monday as our group educational/team building game, Tuesday as our video and discussion time, Wednesday as our quiet reading time and Thursday as our “free” time. The students get to do this activity after they have their homework organized. The morning mentor group we will do more mindfulness and group discussion.

Bahasa Indonesia, Literacy electives

Selamat datang kembali! In our Indonesian class we are learning about Life in Bali. This unit covers vocabulary, phrases and conversation that the Indonesian Language Learners needed to use to get by living in Indonesia. It is phrases they need to use to describe a place, have a conversation in a restaurant, a market, a hospital, and other public places. They will also learn about giving and asking for directions. So far this week, we have learned about My House. They are leaning about adjectives to describe a house and some other vocabulary of parts of a house. They need to work on describing their house in Indonesian and share with the class without reading their notes on Monday.

Frisbee and Language Exchange, Physical Electives

We started this week with introducing some techniques and ultimate Frisbee game to one of our neighboring schools, SMPN 3 Abiansemal. It went really well and at the end they played a game of ultimate Frisbee. SMP 3 students played really well despite their very first game of Frisbee. It was also good to hear they tried to interact with our students during the game. It was quite unfortunate that SMP 3 did not make it to come on Friday. However, we had a guest coach, Pak Russel, who also introduced his cool sustainable invention called Frisboo (Frisbee made out of bamboo). It is cool as it sounds. We practiced some techniques to throw and played a real fun Ultimate Frisboo game! We did not have a chance to work on our Indonesian, so on Tuesday everyone needs to bring in a list of words or phrases we need to use in the game. We will work on the translation and practice using Indonesian during the game in our next class.

The Art of Galungan, Art Electives

For the first time the Middle School Indonesian department is being part of the art rotation. This is the best opportunity to learn some interesting Indonesian art and culture. Our theme this time is The Art of Galungan. In this class, students will have a chance to learn how to make the beautiful Balinese offering and as well penjor. This week we started with making the upper part of a penjor. It was really good to learn about the beauty of penjor, how to make it and as well practicing Indonesian in our art class. Next week we will finish our penjor by making the lower part of it.


It was amazing to finally have a chance to be back and see our friends at YPK again. We were happy to see smile in their faces. Our focus on Jalan jalan this time is a bit different. We would like to help some YPK students to work on their life skills in order to help them live independently. Our first visit this year we learned more about them. We found out about what their challenges, strength and some skills that they have learned so far. For next week, we will stay at school to make a big plan on activities for the rest of our jalan-jalan period this block to achieve our goals.

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