Ibu Jackie’s Essential Oils

Our first week in Essential Oil making was a productive one! We covered the anatomy of the human nose and Olfaction. From the nose we moved into the brain and how it is all connected to create a powerful and smart system. The nose and our sense of smell is under-appreciated!

Once we understood how our sense of smell operates, we tested our Olfactory systems with soft and strong essential oils and a tour around our Green School gardens. We learned about medicinal qualities of different plant species here on campus. We also started thinking about which plants we would like to extract oils from.

A big end to the week, we practiced setting up distillation kits and ran through extraction with a few oily plants such as Lemongrass and Cempaka flowers.

Next week, we will discover the exciting world of perfume making, the different notes and levels of a perfume and more on medicinal qualities of plants right here in our own gardens. Distillation will be happening all week as well!

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