Ibu Jackie’s week down by the river

Another amazing week in nature with 7A for our Happiness Thematic. What talented photographers! I am once again impressed with the images of nature students are capturing through macrophotography. 7A also spent some time swinging on the river rope, and enjoyed wrap-up discussions on the bridge. Looking forward to more happiness in nature with 7B this week.

Our Green Studies garden is coming along nicely. We’ve managed to dig our 3 ft. deep hole for our papaya circle, and our terraced beds are ready for our citronella, lemongrass, and pineapple plants. We will have a great time planting on Thursday. The students have been enjoying using gardening tools such as hoes and shovels, and especially enjoy wetting the soil (and everything else) with the hose. We’re really looking forward to planting and seeing some growth happen.

Our literacy and math classes are coming along nicely. This week, the literacy students are enjoying more fable fun with a focus on reading aloud and writing in the past tense. Our math class is working through problems with decimals, rounding, estimating values, LCM, and HCF.


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