Ibu Jackie’s week in ‘Smoothie Creations’ and the Medieval Banquet

Our Green Studies class had a brilliant start to making green smoothies. In the first week, students covered specific herbs and food classified by the ten tastes used in herbal medicine. They also learned how herbs and food are Classified in the West. They chose their first round of ingredients to make their first prototypes and have had a few challenges to work through such as scaling their proportions. Their smoothie creations were delicious, and I look forward to tasting and branding more healthy drinks next week.

The Medieval Banquet preparation is coming along nicely. In our first week of Thematics, students had the chance to create colourful tessellations, they listened to different Middle Eastern instruments and began their banquet character development. This week was the start of our ‘Medieval Kitchen’. The students immersed themselves in Middle Eastern recipes, whipping up staples of the Middle Eastern diet. They had fun learning how to use common kitchen tools, while exploring spices and ingredients of the Middle East. They even practiced fractions while breaking pita bread for the feast. The hummus, falafels, fattoush salad, and roasted apple dessert did not disappoint. I’m already looking forward to next week’s Medieval Kitchen adventures.

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