Ibu Jackie’s week with Caretakers and Gardeners

Another fantastic week in nature with class 7B, who came to the conclusion that as caretakers of this planet, we need to be mindful of the impact our daily choices have on the sustainability of the planet. They also came to realize that if they stopped using a few of the resources they normally consume on a daily basis, they could adjust and still be happy. Way to go, 7B!

Another macrophotography creation…

I’m looking forward to another inspiring week in nature with 6A this week.

In Green Studies, our permaculture garden is shaping out nicely and we are finished planting! It looks fantastic (picture to come); an efficient and sustainable garden for the students to enjoy. They will continue to add compost this week where needed, and set up our watering schedule. Next, on to the MS medicinal garden!


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