Ibu Jackie’s week with Macrophotography and Intro to Gardening

What a great week!

For thematics, grade 8B fine tuned their relationship with our planet, and explored why being in nature really makes us happy. It was a nice time for all to really slow down to nature’s pace and focus on the little things that our environment has to offer. I was thoroughly impressed with photos that were created during our macrophotography lesson while we ‘stopped to smell the roses’, and did a bit of tree hugging. I’m really looking forward to spending time in our gardens with 7A, who have already proved their connectedness with the creation of a detailed compass model based on nature.

I have a great team of gardeners who have already mapped out and designed practical and functional gardens for our Introduction to the Art of Gardening unit. Their gardens were designed based on landscape, irrigation, soil, sunlight, and plants that will provide food. They have already begun cleaning up the site of our first garden, and have learned how to make and turn compost! This week they will begin digging and making the beds for their garden, and investigating the properties of soil.

In Literacy, our group will be enjoying a variety of fables, and discussing the morals of the stories. This week, we are focusing on paraphrasing and literary devices while reading “The Crocodile in the Bedroom” a fable by Arnold Lobel. This is a fun and humorous fable to start off with, teaching a message that “Without a doubt, there is such a thing as too much order.”

Our maths class have successfully reviewed and practiced basic number skills, with extra focus on long division and multiplication. They have mastered number lines, and this week, will become experts on their times tables before we dive deeper into our number skills unit.

I’m looking forward to another exciting and eventful week!

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