Ibu Kim’s week

Hi all,

Another week with lots of fun, challenging and dynamic activities going on in our Middle School team.

In Thematics, I continued to complete the necessary administration by reading and discussing students’ reflections on core skills used during the week. In their arcologies students play with different scenarios that require them to be creative and critical thinkers. They are asked to reflect on their work each week and by doing this they can earn an extra income.

In Literacy, my class finished their book and started their final project. In groups they are conducting a research on one of the themes from the book ‘The Bite of the Mango; Heritage, Immigration, Resilience, Physical Disabilities, Injustice and Betrayal or the Importance of Social and Political Responsibility. Next week the are going to present their findings to the class. It is a great opportunity for them to amaze me and their classmates with their creative media skills and most of all their speaking skills. We also had a guest speaker coming in to discuss the issues that students learned about when reading the book. Students came up with good questions and were really engaged in the conversation.

In PE, we went for a somewhat challenging interval training. While running and walking, we explored our neighbouring rice fields and the Subak. I enjoyed often hearing the ‘Selamat Pagi’ from students when passing the villagers working in the rice fields or washing clothes in the water.

And last but not least, for V-day, Ibu Maria and I organized some workshops for the girls from grades 7-12. We started with presenting a few fast facts on violence against girls and women. After that, the girls continued with several activities that required a lot of group discussion. By doing these activities, the girls learned about what rights we have in relationships and how to define healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Have a lovely evening,

Warm regards

Ibu Kim

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