Ibu Kim’ s week

This week my Literacy group was introduced to a nonfiction book called ‘The Bite of the Mango’. It is the astounding story of a girl’s journey from war victim to UNICEF Special Representative. The group is discovering how very personal stories are communicated through nonfiction texts and next week they will start an email correspondence with an amazing young Rwandan man who also has a powerful story to tell. The students will use the power of writing – and later of speaking as well – to express their evolving opinions and to think of strategies for how they can implement change in the world.

In PE, my group worked out really hard in a circuit based training with lots of dynamic and challenging exercise routines. It was great to see that they were really motivated to train both body and mind. Those sporty sweaty guys rocked big time:)

In the Utopia-Dystopia Thematic, the different arcologies came to life. Overlords and citizens managed to complete the necessary administration. It is an interesting process to observe. Students played with different scenarios that really required them to be creative and critical thinkers. We are all very excited to find out what will happen in these arcologies next week. A big thanks to our talented colleagues Pak Noan and Pak Jesse for developing such an awesome Thematic.

Have a nice weekend!


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