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Hi all,

I just want to share one or two highlights of another week in Middle School.

14 students: all together in a natural swimming pool

In PE, we had our last Bootcamp workouts. We had a final circuit based training and we went for one last running training through Sibang Kaja. After that we deserved a refreshing dive in the pool so students changed into their bathers and spend some time enjoying the cool water. And for the teacher..? Ahaha just another day at the office.. Hard work; listening to the sounds of nature and the sounds of  our students laughing and enjoying school life.

14 students: all together around a Skype PC screen

In Literacy, my students had their final presentations. These presentations were based on one of the themes from the book that they had been reading; a book about children growing up in war zones. The themes students could choose from were Heritage, Resilience, Physical Disabilities, Injustice and Betrayal, Immigration, and the Importance of Social and Political Responsibility. Students did very well and together we worked on giving and receiving various forms of feedback; a self-/peer- and teacher-evaluation.

To finish this Literacy course, we also had a long Skype call with Bella Galhos, a remarkable lady who lives in East-Timor. Bella had a moving story to share; a story that is related to all above listed themes. Bella was very young when Indonesia occupied East-Timor. As a teenager, she joined the underground resistance movement and fought the Indonesian government. Students were really engaged in the conversation and came up with good questions.

Ibu Kim

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