Ibu Kim’s week – Dancing in the rain

In PE, my group worked out really hard again in a circuit based training. Last Tuesday, when it was pouring with rain, a few students  asked me if we were still doing Bootcamp. When I told them “Yes, for sure, it’s only rain, there’s no thunderstorm” one of the students replied “Okay let’s go for it but Ibu can I go barefoot?”. I just loved that. There he went.. working out in the rain; barefoot, with long wet hair and in a soaked PE outfit. Chayton, thank you for the amazing energy;) Big shout-out to all other students in the group too! I had fun. It was a joy to see them running in the rain, collaborating in relay racers, raising each other’s spirits by cheering.  “If you think sunshine brings you happiness then you haven’t danced in the rain.”

In Literacy, my group continued reading their nonfiction book called ‘The Bite of the Mango’. It is the astounding story of a girl’s journey from war victim to UNICEF Special Representative. The group is discovering how very personal stories are communicated through nonfiction texts and this week they started an email correspondence with an amazing young Rwandan man who also has a powerful story to tell.

In the Utopia-Dystopia Thematic, I started to complete the necessary administration by reading and discussing students’ reflections on core skills used during the week. Students played with different scenarios that really required them to be creative and critical thinkers. They are asked to reflect on it each week and can earn money by writing excellent reflections like Annabel, alias 25 year old Alex Morgan, did. Well done Annie! We are all very excited to find out what will happen in the arcologies next week.


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