Ibu Nicola’s week

Hello hello,

Another quick and fabulous week at GS! I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.

This week in Literacy we really focussed on our PEE structure in writing responses to the novel, Wonder. The students needed to make a point, give an example from the text, and expand on this to explain themselves at a deeper level. My students have been very engaged in this process. They are discussing the novel with thoughtful insight. Today we engaged in an empathy experiment by wearing masks at snack time. Students then were to write a creative piece describing this experience. We talked about how this brought them closer to a state of empathy with Auggie’s situation at school. Many people felt extremely self conscious and uncomfortable in their masks. Students need to read up to p160 this weekend. Next week we will be looking closely at metaphor and personification and characterisation.

In Jalan Jalan we have made a lot of progress – we have had the blessing of Pak Jeff’s presence in our class time as he has over 20 years experience creating camps! We have secured our locations and will be going on a field trip, to assess these spaces and what they can offer each camp, next Wednesday. I have been very impressed with the students and their ability to organise and negotiate with people over the phone, and with each other in class. We are looking forward to a wonderful camp!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ibu Nicola

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