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Hi Green School Community,

Our weekly update for the Ihub:

Full STEAM ahead! Our soon to be completed project based learning space will start to have its walls built this weekend with Bamboo U and continue during block 3 with Pak Jason. The walls will be built using several earth building techniques including pajareke and light straw clay, come by to see our progress, it might get muddy! Stay tuned for more construction updates including the front facade and ground floor installation.

The innovation hub team is now working closely with Primary, Middle, and High school teachers to incorporate curriculum and prepare for block 4 when the building will be fully operational. Until then there are several projects worth noting that everyone can get involved with including:

  1. Building a library of community member skills that are available to advise with projects

  2. Establishing our Aritst, Engineering, Designer residency for local Indonesian’s interested in being involved in the space

  3. Formuating workshops to run during Open Time, which is after school and on the weekends

The space will be open to Green School students as well as after school and weekend programs for the greater community. If you would like to be involved in these projects or planning for the space please email innovationhub@greenschool.org. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Ihub Team.

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