Immigration Tips for Arrival in Indonesia

Legal Consulting Advice from PT Ganesha Bali Konsultan

We are a team of eight staff and we are here to help Green School families and staff with their visas, but not only limited to that. We are here on Green School campus in case you need assistance on legal matters.

For your reference, here are our team members:

  1. Ibu Putu Eka(Legal Adviser),

  2. Ibu Hera(Director, Ganesha),

  3. Ibu Puput,

  4. Ibu Adi,

  5. Ibu Deani,

  6. Pak Anto,

  7. Ibu Nungki(Intern), and

  8. Ibu TJ/Tsuyako

Feel free to stop by the Legal Office behind Sangkep, or email us at

Please note that the Legal Office will be closed between December 22, 2018, and January 1, 2018. During school holidays, we are operating at limited hours. Please make an appointment prior to a visit.

We will share some frequently asked questions in this weekly newsletter.

Q: How does the arrival stamp in my passport should look like?

A: When you arrive in Indonesia, please check if you get the correct stamp in your passport before you leave the passport control. There have been a number of cases reported recently that immigration officers use the wrong stamp, wrong date, or fail to stamp the passport at the arrival immigration. In such case, you will need to return to the immigration with a proof of entering Indonesia (boarding pass etc.)

Here are the samples of arrival stamps for each type of visa:

Visa on Arrival 

Single Visit Visa (Social Visa): Check hand-written Index “211”

Multiple Visa: Check hand-written Index “212” 

Limited Stay Visa (KITAS for study, working, retirement) 

Q: What will happen if I failed to leave Indonesia before the last day of permitted stay?

A: As long as you pay an overstay fine at the departure immigration, you will not have any issue when you come back and re-enter the country. The fine is IDR300K per day (as of December 1, 2018). Please note that the day you arrive in Indonesia is counted as day 1 of your stay. It is common for people making a plan for departure without knowing this, and results in being charged the overstay fine for one day at the departure immigration.

Here is another scenario. If you have a special circumstance such as your child or yourself is hospitalized and not able to travel for a certain period of time, do let us know as soon as possible. We will contact the immigration office to seek advice on your behalf.

We will share more information in the coming weekly newsletter. Stay tuned!


Ibu TJ/Tsuyako


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