Improvisation For Adults – Starts Thursday

Hi parents, if you like improve acting or are brave and curious come join Pak Shawn and Pak Zach on Monday afternoons for theatre games, silly improvisational scenes, making up characters on the spot and other unscripted shenanigans. It is for adults only and participation is required (just jump in!), there is no audience.

Come and experience the power of play.  Learn different styles of improvised comedy, movement, and theater making. Again, this group is only for adults, so grab your open mind, dump you kids off on somebody else, and- come- on- down!

We are looking to build a core group of people who are committed to bringing the best out of each other and hold space for playing.

No experience necessary!

Come to the Yoga Studio, Thursdays, from 3:30-5:00pm.  See you there.


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