Independence Day Spirit Injection in KemBali!

Lots of exciting things were happening in this week. We would like to thank all students, parents, teachers, and staffs who have been very supportive and have shared their waste with us. You are amazing!

We also would like to say Happy Indonesian Independence Day and Selamat Hari Raya Saraswati! We were so happy because we felt the independence day’s passion from youth of Abiansemal Village. Ebo and Yuni from Kul Kul Connection students collaborated with their friends around village to collect waste as a competition. They brought all the waste to KemBali and did waste sorting. It was a tremendous initiative by the local youth to save the environment. They saved their village on managing the total of 50 kg of waste! Very inspiring! Please spread this inspirational story.

Next, last Friday, we got a chance to discuss with college students from Turkey. They shared a lot of inputs and suggestions based on their experience in Turkey as solution to problems that KemBali have been facing. That was wonderful! They gave new ideas and very interesting to apply.

Moreover, please visit KemBali Bookshelf on upstairs Green Warung. There are so many books there, you can borrow to read there even bring home if you want! We provide a donation box every time you read or take home the book. Feel free to donate. We will use the donation for the implementation of ‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ program which will be held in September.

And last, we will take part in next assembly. Meet new intern and parent members. See you there!

Go recycle! Lets make recycle as your habit!

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