Indonesia Assembly, Grade 1 visits, Sun Dials, Mystery Guests, saying goodbye to friends and so much


This was not your typical week (is there a typical week at Green School?) but is was a full one with so much to report about.  We started the week with a sweet mystery guest visit from Pak Kurt Beckman (Brooke’s dad).  Who delighted us with a couple sweet stories and also his tenor ukulele.

Wednesday morning was one to remember.  All the early years students did such a great job.  It was one of our best EYs assemblies yet.  See below for photos.

It is always sad to say good bye and last Friday saying goodbye to Valentina and then saying goodbye to Analisa on Wednesday was challenging for everyone, but reminded us of the importance of cherishing and valuing our friendships everyday.  It will soon be time for us to say “until we meet again” to our friends and this was also a reminder of the end of the school year fast approaching us.

Don’t forget to mark down the dates (and to pack the extra clothes, hat, sunscreen and towel):

June 7th Mepantigan (Mud Pit) 9am

June 8th Green Camp outing for the day (drop off at 8am sharp and pick up 3:15 in the classroom) (there will be an assembly that day but we are currently planning to stay at Green Camp until the end of the day to get the most out of it as we can).

June 11th: Field Day with Garrett (don’t forget your sport shoes!!!)

June 13th: Kindy graduation.  The best event of the year and super special rite of passage into primary for all the students.  9am on the steps

June 14th: last day of school (half day). Assembly at 10:30 and 11 am leave time.

We also had a great visit from Ibu Ana Luiza from Brazil on her last day here in Bali (she shared with us her Acro Yoga before and showed us some circus skills using the “contact ball” today). We are all so lucky to have so many amazing things happening all around us all the time.

In Green Studies we got an introduction to guerilla gardening (in our own Kindy B garden), mad some sun dials and also blue water from butterfly pea flowers.  An amazing week.   All of the kindy teachers wish you all an amazing Galungan holiday next week and we will look forward to seeing you all soon.

Best regards,

Ibu Yulia, Ibu Ria, Ibu Pandan and Pak Brett

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