Indonesian Celebrations Term 1 Week 2

Dear Parents,

We have had an amazing second week of school filled with Indonesian culture. Bali celebrated Independence Day on Thursday which is a national holiday.  The entire Green School celebrated a day earlier on Wednesday through various activities. The Starlings enjoyed making Indonesian flags and learning about the colours that comprise the flag, red and white. We also loved playing traditional Indonesian games on the field next to the Yoga Studio with our friends from Kindy A and Geckos. Some of these games included balancing a ball on a spoon while walking, relay races, and passing marbles to each other along with a game that is similar to “The Limbo” in which you have to walk under a stick by doing a backbend.

Our first Cooking Class was held on Wednesday morning as well and it was delightful. The students made a traditional Indonesian snack known as “klepon”. The first step is to blend “daun suji” which is a green leaf that gives the food a natural green colour. Rice flour and water were combined to make a dough and the children worked hard to make many bite-sized balls. A small piece of palm sugar was then placed inside each ball. Finally, the “klepon” was boiled with pandan leaves to provide a bit more flavour. They were enjoyed by many of the children and all of the teachers.

The Starlings have been practising counting in sequential order each day during Morning Circle as we count how many children are here today. The students also attempt counting with one-to-one correspondence by counting the dots on the dice during the Starling Helper Game. A proficiency lesson was designed to strengthen fine motor skills in regards to scissor control. The children were given a paper with two rabbit ears drawn on it. They were encouraged to follow the lines carefully to cut out the shapes and then attached them to a crown to make bunny ears. After feeding the rabbits lettuce during our Monday morning nature walk, the students were excited to pretend to be rabbits and hopped all around the classroom engaged in dramatic play with each other.

This week, we have been learning about “Listening and Sounds” during our Thematics. Ibu Komang taught us how to make trumpets and we had the chance to practise our big belly breaths from Yoga Class and Mindfulness Class as it takes a lot of breath power to make a sound with our new trumpets!

Fridays are our PE Classes with Pak Garrett. Just a reminder to please pack closed-toed shoes, such as sneakers or trainers, for your child for these classes. The children loved playing “Stuck in the Mud” and running around the Sangkep.

Green School is celebrating Saraswati Day tomorrow morning. The ceremony begins at 10:00 am and families are encouraged to arrive by 9:30 am. Please wear Balinese ceremonial clothing if attending. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Music, and Arts. We look forward to seeing you there. Have a lovely weekend. Next Friday, our Class Ambassadors from Early Years are hosting a gathering for all Early Years families on the field next to the Sangkep after Assembly. There will be a Farmers Market so please grab something to eat and come socialise with the amazing families that make up our community. Thank you!

Warm regards,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna, and Ibu Komang

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