Innovation Day at the iHub!

Innovation Day is happening this Friday at the Innovation Hub! We will host the following workshops during the day in the innovation hub and cap it off with a roundtable discussion for a local banjar leader to discuss waste management.

9-10 Sewing introduction and clothing upcycling @ ihub 10-11 Digital fabrication including laser cutting and 3D printing @ ihub 11-12 Wood and bamboo basics @ihub 12-12:30 Lunch! 12:30-1:30 Precious Plastics Machines @ ihub 1:30-2:30 Skill Share discussion: Banjar waste management @ Green Warung Upstairs

This week in the ihub we welcomed several new machines including 2 sewing machines and a laser cutter.

Pak Francis’ class continued their work designing products including upcycled trash found on the beach. So far the students have made sunscreen, 3D printed surf fins, sown beach booties and crafted hand planes and balance boards. Sustainable surfing product line coming soon!

Pak Jesse’s class began printing with the new 3D printers they built last week, pushing further into the world of 3D printing. Designing and printing their own objects has drawn lots of attention and the class taught several students outside of the class how to 3D print. Designs and personal objects coming soon.

“Green Building for All” with Pak Jason is finishing the new movable bamboo furniture for the ihub!

5A with Pak Joubert came back to work on storyboards and product design with up-cycled materials from KemBali.


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