Intention to Continue

It was a pleasure to write to you last Tuesday to give you a picture of where we are going next school year with our programs and campus upgrades. We look forward to your family being part of our community in 2016/17 and ask that you reply to the ‘Intention to Continue’ request sent to you earlier today.

We have all worked hard, together, to make this school year one of improvement and harmony. I thank you for your commitment and support as we continue to ugrade our school for the learning experience, security and joy of Green School students and you, the families.

Many elements form part of taking a decision on your child’s education. Every family’s situation is different and personal. We want to support you in this process and are making ourselves fully available to you, to provide additional information or discuss your personal situation. Please make contact with myself and the management team at

Please note we are capping student numbers at 410 for next school year, so please ensure you return your response, or contact us to discuss your situation by Monday, 1 March 2016.

Ibu Leslie


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