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I start my internship on January 9, 2017. I joined in marketing and communication team. First impression about Green School Bali is I am totally in the middle of village where rice field, garden, and river is all around at the same time I am feeling in global village where hundreds of people from 33 different nationalities are here to make a difference. On my first day, I joined school tour and sightseeing school’s feature that support environmental learning experience. Here, science is developed for sustainability purposes.

Internship in green school is awesome. In the beginning of internship, we decided SMART goal. S is specific, M is Measurable, A is achievable, R is relevant, and T is Time-bound. SMART goal is a spreadsheet of our goal to join internship program, about what we would like to learn and specialized. Overall, this smart goal is a track for me, so in the end of internship I can look back and know what I have done during one semester internship. Please see my SMART goal here.

I like to learn marketing and communication. I have no experience in this field before and I think green school has a unique way to engage international community as well as local community, the skill that I really need as I would like to build a social enterprise after internship. Here I show you some skill that I learn in Green School.

1. Creating Poster for social media. 

Good design is very important to attract audience in social media. We have to smartly set the color and picture. Small things such as font consistency and size of frame is also important. If people like it, they may tap like button or I will be very glad if they can share it to others. We want our message can be seen by many people.

This frame is a perfect size for instagram and facebook and twitter. In instagram folder, it is fitted entirely. I design this poster used Good thing in online platform, I can have many free templates and edit it in my own.

2. Managing School Blog

In green school, blog is very important as internal information platform. All activities and updates is in here. Parents able to know what activities that they may join in school and what their children do. Unlike website, blog can be set more private. So those who knows the password able to get in to the blog. Here we use WordPress because we can upgrade it and remove in the name of website. Some things that I did is to optimize picture so it can be loaded faster. I set up the widgets and edit lay out to make the blog much nicer and informative. Good thing of blog is we can upload pdf and link it to another article such as newsletter.

3. Writing Newsletter Every week

Newsletter is very important to reach out audience right to their inbox’s email. In green school we use mailchimp as email marketing tool. As additional information, mailchimp is free application if the subscribers is fewer than 2,000 and email messages fewer than 12,000 per month. We can set up different group of subcriber such as parents, faculty, or students. Newsletter has many templates to make our writing well arranged and insert a lot of links to make newsletter short.

4. Using Google App

Everyday we manage many documents. including photo, video and documents. In green school, documents are shared to various department. It enables multiple user working in one document at the same time. Some google application that we used are Gdoc, Gsheet, Gdrive, Gcalendar, Gslides, etc. In Gcalendar, we can set up the meeting date and send invitation. By using Gcalendar, we can see whether the meeting schedule is suitable with our personal schedule or not. Google calendar also good at managing event and room rental.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of this learning is to reach more audience for the campaign. There are a lot of learning platform for SEO. Through internship in green school, I can learn by doing. We use analytics very often. The analytics tells the story where the campaign go and result so the analytics could be powerful evaluation tools to create new marketing strategy. Almost all social media that we used, provide analytics tools and it tells everything.

6. Managing Social Media

Social media is important tool to reach audience wherever they are. So, managing social media is critical for marketing and communication team. Here, we manage post that aligned with school’s agenda, vision, and mission. We use facebook, instagram, twitter, and flicker. Opening all account in one computer makes work slower. So instead of opening it all, we use social media manager – Hootsuite. Hootsuite can track our post, message, timeline, and even hashtag and mention. So we can track comments and engage to the audience in one tab. We can even schedule post in the right time. During my internship, facebook followers grow from 54k to 61k. Instagram followers grow from 21k to 25k. Good things from facebook is, it is designed very well for enterprise. We can boost post with certain target audience, but of course need to spend some budget but it is not really expensive compare to use other media.

7. Videography

Video is very important content for marketing that suitable for all social media. Video able to bring stronger message compared to writing. Good content of video is more likely to be shared through social media and it helps us to add follower list. In green school we learn video editing. Here a video sample that I help to edit. The video is taken using my supervisor’s handphone. I just give small edit to bridge from one scene to another. Good video may take long time to make. It starts from concept, video recording, and editing. Another sample of my editing video is here. I helped edit in finishing and build the concept. I make one more video in the end my internship activity that you can see here.

8. Collecting Evaluation from Survey using survey monkey

Internship in green school also give me opportunity to gain feedback from various stakeholder by using online platform – Survey Monkey. Here, I use premium account that I can set unlimited question and reach hundreds of audience. I can use various templates as well and evaluate the survey in the end. This platform can be attach to mailchimp and eventbrite. So it can reach all audience/attendee list in those application. The part that I like most is analytics. They provide detail information and can be a good strategy for reaching them in better way as well as creating a better event in future.

9. Launch event in Eventbrite

Eventbrite is online platform for managing event. Here we can publish the event as well as creating payment online method. Eventbrite also equipped with analytic tools and additional extension that can link to other platforms such as mailchimp, surveymonkey and facebook.

10. Increase Environmental Awareness

As green school is strong with environmental based curriculum, everyone here, including me as an intern having sustainability mindset. We part of solution. Here, there are a lot of student projects and being here, we are inspired by various way and concept to save the world. And it from various perspective such as energy, plastic, transportation, water issue, agriculture, building and many things. To see more about Green School Bali, please see school of future video here.

In Green School Bali, there are bunch of opportunities. They provide professional development class in the beginning of the term. During my internship, I am guided well by my supervisor to work on my projects. She is very good with more than 20 years experience in marketing and communication. I got access to online course. Some of projects that I currently working on as well are, media list, and leading tour. People here are so supportive. The internship experience is so complete with priceless networking that I build here. Finally, with diverse work culture, I really suggest for young leader to apply for this internship opportunity.

Author Zulkhaidir Purwanto Marketing and Communication Intern 2017

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