This week we started our great journey inside ourselves. After learning about our mother Gaia and its interconnections, we introduced our new thematics: Invironment. We are looking for spaces to know our selves. We are learning to observe carefully, step back and react with patience. We are analyzing examples and discussing the butterfly effect. We are gaining tools to make our relationships healthier and stronger. We are asking ourselves, what can we do to make a difference in our own lives?

For this purpose and linking literacy and thematics, Grade 3 Putih students have been learning and exploring different styles and types of journal writings. We started a travel journal as we came back from break. We are creating a nature journal and started reporting what we observe in a m2 in the forest. We will be starting next week a personal journal or dairy. For this purpose, we ask you to help them find at home or buy a journal of their choice. By the end of the week, we had a great workshop on writing journals with Ibu Nicoline. The kids were super interested and motivated to start their own.

In Merah the students are filling their journal about the kindness boomerang. How good deeds create more good.

In Putih we started the week discussing Easter celebration and its origins. During Numeracy we searched for Easter eggs in the forest. They found big ones full of Colombian honey candy and mathematical challenges!

Grade 3 students are now focusing on division strategies and problems. They are getting better at recognizing what mathematical equation they need to solve them.  It would be great if you can use any opportunity at home to practice multiplication. and division with real-life problems.

In Bahasa we are reading stories about the tradition collecting sea worms in the East Nusa Tenggara, called Bau Nyale. The story is about a princess Mandalika who sacrificed herself to stop the war and she turned herself to be sea worms.

During Teman Teman we have been playing outdoors together Putih and Merah to solve challenges as a team.

Although every day is Earth Day at Green School, we celebrated April 22 planting in our gardens.


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