Ira Warastri

Ira started studying at Green School when the school first opened in 2008 and graduated with our first class of graduates. Her family, originally from Karangasem, encouraged her to join Green School, where she found herself in a very different world from her local school, surrounded by peers from many cultures.

“The close student-teacher relationship is one of my fondest memories. The teachers are very encouraging, which helped building my self-confidence. A lot of the teachers in my high school years are more like friends to me, and I am still in contact with some of them now. I was also able to express myself freely because the students are quite accepting and embrace differences well.”

These new cross-cultural experiences inspired Ira’s Green Stone entitled Worlds Collide: Foreign Exchange on My Soil. Immediately after graduating from Green School, Ira chose to go to Quest University in BC, Canada, where she plans to graduate in 2017.

“Music and art have been my interests since I was young, and I have continued to do both art and music in university. My focus of studies at Quest University is on music, and I am specifically looking into what influences musical taste. Some of the music courses that I have taken include: Songwriting and Recording 1&2, Jazz Improvisation, and Film Music. Although visual art is not my focus of studies, I have been doing art on my free time, and I regularly contribute my artworks to the annual music and visual art festival at Quest University.”

“Living in a different country can be quite challenging at first because of culture shock. I, too, experienced it myself when I first came to Canada. However, because I attended Green School where the students come from many different countries, the culture shock that I had was not so bad. I was exposed to many different cultures at Green School, and this has definitely prepared me well for living in the northern hemisphere. Through Green School, I also met people from Canada and having connection like this makes me feel less far from home.”

“I personally think that Green School has helped me in a lot of ways to prepare me for the experiences that I have had since graduating.”

Ira is interested in maintaining her connections with the GS community as she works toward university graduation and transitions to professional life.

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