IRESPECT and Green School’s Values-based Learning Opportunities – By Pak Sal

IRESPECT and Green School’s Values-based Learning Opportunities

Integrity, Responsibility, Equity, Sustainability, Peace, Empathy, Community, Trust – our school values are central to what Green School is all about. Our whole community is held accountable to these values – and they are our common agreement about the people we want to be, individually and as a wider community. Our values are not just words – they are a part of our policies, our strategic planning, our community interactions, and, importantly in our classrooms and our lessons. Values-based learning opportunities ‘look’ different depending on the developmental age of the children – here’s how it looks in our different Learning Neighbourhoods.

Early Years – at this developmental age, values are integrated in almost all of the learning activities:

– The classroom ‘Morning Board’ question; eg. “Who needs help?”

– ‘Stop & Think’ activities and discussions, where students learn how to stop and think before acting or talking.

– Kindness Shout-Outs’.

– Role-plays based on Kindness, Empathy and Compassion.

– Cultural awareness discussions and the famous EY Indonesian assemblies; providing opportunities for students to connect and respect our local community.

– Eating snack and lunch together starting with the ‘Blessing Song’

– Activities that promote active listening

Primary School:

– Kids do ‘shout outs’ for kind acts they saw in the day

– Students are taught to greet people in a respectful way – Gratitude moments in classroom discussions – Teaching IRESPECT in PS assembly – Teachers use conflict resolution tools – Gratitude art projects – Helping–hands/picket in school and outside – Regular Mindfulness activities – Teachers and students use the ‘Zones of Regulation‘ to promote self awareness

– Teman-Teman mentoring for PS students (from MS and HS students).

Middle School:

– Structured and documented Social-Emotional classes/units;

– Implementation of our whole school Mindfulness program;

– Gender Thematics that raise awareness about gender-issues;

– MS Thematics (based on the UN’s SDGs) promote awareness and empathy about a wide range of global issues (including poverty, hunger, education, equal-rights, and more);

– 4-week Menstruation Circle unit;

– 4-week Boys-2-Men workshops

– Regular Parent Workshops run by our Student Support teachers;

– Access to a male and female counselor for supporting students when needed;

– Promoting Gratitude and IRESPECT in our MS Assemblies where students and teachers recognise other students and teachers;

– ‘Who We Are’ (as individuals, as a Middle School, as a community) segments in the MS Assemblies;

– MS students participate in a weekly Tribe time ritual that promotes kindness and empathy through a structured circle discussion;

– Formal IRESPECT assessments in the MS Reports;

– Projects (in many different classes) that promote our values (eg. Sacrifice Your Snack, Adopt A Family, Lunch-table Helpers – and so many more).

– Teachers use ‘Restorative Justice’ practices when dealing with misbehaviour

– A ‘Peer Mediation’ program was taught to all Grade 8 students.

High School:

– Students and teachers give weekly IRESPECT nods and shout outs that are shared in the assembly – HS Advisory/Community time has offers the opportunity to build empathy and support for one another through socio-emotional check ins – HS practices mindfulness everyday from 1:15 – 1:30pm – Social causes and injustice awareness are big events in HS, including Awareness Day, V-Day, Mo-Vember, etc – HS has moved to a values-based, more compassionate approach to discipline through Restorative Justice conversations

Strong values enable us to take responsibility for our learning, have a positive impact on our community, and to show care for our environment – and values-based learning is a big part of all of our learning programs. Yes – we are always looking to evolve and improve. We have identified key areas for improvement looking towards 2019-20 – based on clear and consistent behaviour management protocols, and informative and real-time communication of how we teach Values at Green School.


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