iRespect Value: Community

I begin this week with a story about our dear Pak Yok. Pak Yok has been at Green School since the second year as our Bamboo Carver. What other school has a Bamboo Carver!? In that time he has carved well over 3000 names on our Heart of School of people from all over the world. Those names and the relationships that we have in our Sibang village home represent one incredible aspect of our school: our community. There are people from around the world that have left their names and their hard work, joy and memories at Green School. Some of those individuals live here, some have worked here, and some have traveled here; but all were inspired by Green School.

Community engagement is something that many schools struggle with, but it is our great strength and captured first and foremost in our Mission Statement: A Community of Learners Making Our World Sustainable. Our community goes from local to global and we benefit and thrive from that support daily.

At a staff meeting last month, a member of our operations staff observed: Pak Yok has carved so many names and is such an important part of our community, but his own name is not carved on the Heart of School. Without Pak Yok knowing, the faculty put together a donation to the Local Scholars Programme to buy a bamboo pole in his honor. This past week, Pak Yok received a notification for another carving and, much to his surprise, this time it was his name that he was asked to inscribe on our beloved Heart of School. This is what community means to me; it is about the little things we do for each other that are so meaningful.

Thank you Pak Yok and everyone in our community for making this place very special indeed.

Yours in community, Head of Academics


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