Is it possible to Live Without Packaged Products?

We go to the market every day to buy items or to purchase food for the families.  Zero waste living is the way we should live by reducing our plastic intake and eliminating our landfill packaging. What are landfill items?  You can find this out firsthand by sorting your waste at KemBali.  We have 21 categories and one landfill bag. Firstly, when shopping bring assorted reusable bags to carry your market goods to eliminate single use plastic.

Secondly, shopping in bulk is a great way to shop earth-friendly alternatives with plastic free packaging. Bring jars to fill with these bulk items.

Thirdly, when purchasing take out food, why not bring your own containers? Finally, when you go to a restaurant bring along your own reusable straw or make a point to ask for NO STRAW PLEASE! You can purchase bamboo straws and metal straws in our Green School shop. By using these methods, you reduce processed packaged products, which in turn is better for your overall health, this is a win-win solution for environment and the health of you and your family.  

Check out this link buy in bulk

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