Jalan Jalan Awesomeness at GSHS!

Hi GSHS Families!

Today marks the end of the second week of the block here in the high school and students are well into their Jalan Jalan projects. Jalan Jalan (Go Traveling) is an extended period each Wednesday dedicated to experiential learning, service and life skills.

Here are some of the highlights:

BIOBUS Pak Kyle and his team of students have been making soap with biodiesel byproduct.  This is building on the partnership with the Biodiesel plant Lengis Hijau.  Last week they visited the plant and brought back 10 litres of glycerin and this past Wednesday students made two trials in the lab making soap.  Next week students will be visiting Lengis Hijau to make soap there alongside a local University.  The soaps are scented and will make a nice all natural laundry detergent or dish soap.

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Pak Zach and his team of students have been getting into the virtual world of Dungeons and Dragons. As Pak Zach says: “D&D is totally awesome and has 9-12th grade students engaged for a solid four hours learning rules from a 300 page rule book! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!??!

Actual things I’ve heard come out of their mouths:

“Oh! This is totally insane!”

“Dude, I love your drawing!” “That is such a cool backstory.”

“This is the most writing I’ve done in one sitting in my life.”

“Whoa there are so many rules and tables” – Student 1

“Whoa! My head is swimming.” – Student 2

“Yeah, but it’s worth it.” – Student 3

“Yeah it is worth it.” – Student 1, 2 & 4

Stay tuned for more updates from many other JJ projects in the works.

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