Jalan Jalan Flow

Jalan Jalan Flow is based around the idea of ‘flow.’ Also known, as being ‘in the zone’ the flow state is when a person is completely immersed in a task, with increasing energy, sharp focus, and authentic joy in their own creativity.

The Flow state is also characterized by being:

-fully engaged to the present moment -a spontaneous manifestation of skills in action -internally motivating -engaging to the point the person loses track of time

People who experience ‘Flow’ are likely to:

– feel that they have the potential to succeed – identify and self-select the learning of new skills that will help them enhance their flow – value creativity in themselves and others

This block, Middle School Students have gotten into Flow and written stories, programmed online choose your own adventures, followed self guiding tutorials, designed fashion lines, created community sport programs, and much more.

Take a look at all the cool stuff going on in Flow

Does your student have a project somewhere inside of them?  Sign up for flow and let the creativity flow out!

J. Driver


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