January 12 2017 Issue

Mindful Moments

Dearest Green School Community,

Welcome back and warmest new year wishes!  We are very excited to have you back to enjoy our fresh, green campus from the nourishing rains of recent weeks.  During the holidays, those of us on campus missed the buzz and excitement of the children and the endless activities that move us forward in our mission as a community of learners, making our world sustainable.  We extend a special thank you to our 25 new families for making the big journey and joining us.  Welcome to the Green School family!

Three Important Announcements for Tomorrow (Friday January 13, 2017):

  1. Wear GREEN or Green School Sports Uniforms tomorrow for House Points.

  2. Join us at 2.30pm for our Welcome Back Assembly and the Farmers’ Market

  3. The Calendar for 2017-2018 school year is published.  Check it out in this newsletter and on the Parent Page on our website: www.greenschool.org (click on the Parent Login in the upper right hand corner with Password: AcademicYear2016_17)

Before our children arrived back to Green School, the educators completed an inspiring mindfulness training that included the use of our finalised and complete mindfulness curriculum from Early Years to Grade 12.  Mindfulness lessons and activities will be incorporated throughout the school daily.

There is one particular part of the program in which we could use your help and participation.  Every day, sometime between 2.00-2.10pm, our mindfulness gong will sound from the Heart of School.  This is a moment (1-2 minutes) for everyone EVERYONE, did I say EVERYONE, to stop and take a mindful moment.  Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, put your hand on your heart and still your mind.

So, if you are on campus at that time, and you hear that gong, we will ask you to stop whatever you are doing, talking, moving, working, and so on and take a mindful moment with us.  We hope that you all will be able to join us one day in this magical experience, this Green School experience.

With that, let’s practice now, breathe, listen, close your eyes, pause……. Thank you.

With Kind Regards,

Ibu Leslie, Head of Academics

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

Friday January 13

2:15 pm | ‘This Is Green School’ Assembly | Sangkep

2-5pm | School Spirit Day -wear school t-shirts or colours for house points

Farmers Market | Heart of School

3.30pm | KKC Draw Together | Field/Gym

Monday January

8:30am | Jungle Run | meet at Freak Coffee

Tuesday January 17

8:15am | Yoga

8:50am | Kul Kul Farm Experience | Meet at farm stand at 8.50am

11:30am-12:20 | Green Hospitality Workshop – (Open to parents & students) |

Top Floor, Green Warung

3:30-4:30 | Insanity with Pak Dan | Sangkep (ASA)

Wednesday January 18

8:30am | Wild Fitness

8:45am | Kul Kul Connection Experience | Meet at freak coffee

Thursday January 19

8:15am | Yoga

9:00am | Chocolate factory Experience | Meet at freak coffee

3:30-4:30 | Insanity with Pak Dan | Sangkep (ASA)

Friday January 20

8am-9:30am | KKC Rice Planting | Meeting at Parking Lot

Friday Jan 20th – 2:30 = Students from Harvard University visiting GS and meeting High school students and parents (possible special assembly)





F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

From Our Teachers: Sharing the love at the border of Indonesia

During the Holiday break, I took a trip to Yanggandur, Merauke in Papua Province. Yanggandur is a small village located right on the border between the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The flights took 12 hours from Denpasar to Merauke, with 2 transits. Then, from Merauke we continued 3 hours by motorbike ride to reach the village. I came to work as a volunteer, teaching the

children in the border. There were 110 children from age 1 to 15, and most of them were unable to read, write or count numbers. With support from the Army officials, who guard the border, I was able to teach and assist the students with reading, writing and counting. I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience living and serving on the border of Indonesia alongside the beautiful Papua children. With them, I welcomed the first sunrise of 2017, and I told myself that I will come again to visit soon.

Ibu Suci

Head of Early Years Programme

Green School’s generous teachers are regularly spending their holidays and free time serving others in the region and around the world. Ibu Suci’s experience is inspiring and we thank her for her service. – Ibu Leslie, Head of Academics

The Kul Kul Connection invites all new and past Green School parents to join our 8 weeks Bahasa Indonesia program. This course will start on January 23rd – March 16th 2017.  Our classes are offered on a bi-weekly basis, every Monday & Wednesday from 08.30-10:00am/01.30-03.00pm for Level 1 and Tuesday and Thursday 08.30-10:00am/01.30-03.00pm for Level 2.

Here is the thought from our previous student:

“First of all we would like to say we like the lessons a lot. And the things they make it work are:

The teachers bring a pleasant atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive energy. What also helps is the practicing during class. Asking us about the subject we are learning in different ways, asking us individually about time, the road to take. That really helps to get it more in our system. I also liked the fact that every lesson was an enclosed subject we worked on”.

We only offer 15 seats in the program so sign-up now!

First come, first served !  Email rustaman.abdul@greenschool.org  if you are interested and see the poster for more details.

KKC Hosted Educational Workshop for Educators of Local Schools

On 19-21 December, Kul Kul Connection (KKC) together with 34 elementary to high school educators from across Abiansemal gathered with good intentions in mind, to grow together and to forge a stronger connection among each other. Over these three days, KKC held a workshop on Living Values Education (LVE), a way of conceptualizing education that promotes the development of values-based learning as well as places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of education.

The participants came from different backgrounds and generations so they could learn from each other story and experience. They were discovering educational values together and responded very positively toward the activity. By taking this step, KKC strives to embody GS mission by establishing a broader community of learners making our world sustainable.


Hey guys! It’s the Bio Bus again. We’ve been pretty busy this week!  Here is a taste of what is going on and to come.

Some of our Bio Bus Freaks had a meeting about a Soap Carving Event happening the 27th of January 2017. Local artisans are invited to use their skills to impress our judges.  If you know any carvers let them know.  There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Stay tuned for more to come.

Pak Dan and his crew have been working on making a survey for hotels, warungs, big corporations, etc. to answer a couple of questions about where their used cooking oil (UCO) comes from, what they do with the UCO after they’ve used it, etc.

Our famous Grease Police Team got 11 jerry cans (150 liters) of UCO at Old Mans in Canggu and 90 Liters from the Tutmak, Taksu, Arang Sate, Cafe Lotus and Laughing Buddha in Ubud.  Our weekly donation to our partnering Biodiesel Plant was 357 Liters!!!

Bio Bus Team member Taj has made two (2) petition stations – 1 at the Bio Bus office, and 1 in the Heart of School (HOS) – which reminds me… please sign them to help support ban the resale of UCO and topple the black market!!

Thank you for your support!

Welcome 2017- KemBali

Happy new year!

KemBali is working to keep world sustainable by recycling waste management system. Starting new semester KemBali came up with followed up the initiative have been settled in previous semester. In the beginning of January, Kembali is monitoring the system which being installed in SDN 1 Sayan, as the mission of KemBali to educate the communities and students in terms of waste management. Afterward, the next plan we are going to implement the socialization for students in SDN 1 Sayan for self serve operation to make them identify any kind of recyclable and un-recyclable waste. Moreover, KemBali also set up some goal to execute the project KemBali Ke Sekolah in this semester ( SMP 3 and SM A 1 Abiansemal). We are looking forward to install KemBali soon in this upcoming week.

It is also a fresh started at the first week with trashwalk activities among the new intern and KemBali members to notice about the trash problems. Started to walk through Sibang Kaja and Mambal area. It kind of opportunity provided for you and KemBali to look at and discuss trash problems in order to voice the concerns about trash and hopes for a cleaner and healthier community as KemBali mission is zero waste community. During and after the walk, we could see a dumping sites and discuss what steps are necessary to set for the recovery. Back to Green School, we sorted the waste we had collected from the streets. Most of it was plastic, such as bags and teh gelas waste.

Kindly reminder for all, we encourage you to do self serve operation by sorting your belongings as you bring your waste to KemBali ! Do not only drop your waste anytime KemBali is open, please be responsible to sort your waste. We also would be happy if you donate your unwanted and old goods to KemBali thrift shop. Your stuff might be treasure to others!

Follow Instagram @kembalilegacy KemBali operational hours: Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 15.00 WITA.

P E  &  S P O R T

To sign up, please email any member of the PE team with your child’s name and age and a completed permission form: BSSA PERMISSION FORM.

Cut-off date for sign-ups is immediately after the first practice. Basketball practices start next Tuesday 17 January 2017:

  1. Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm – 11-12 girls and boys

  2. Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm – 9-10 mixed

  3. Thursday 3.30-4.30pm – 13-15 girls and boys

  4. Friday 3.30-4.30pm – 15+ girls and boys

The number of teams we can enter into the competition will depend on the number of available coaches. Parents are allowed to coach teams – email any member of the PE team for more details.

F R O M   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

This Is Green School – Logo Hunt Contest

The race is still on! We’ve extended the deadline to give you a chance to capture more photos. The contest is super-simple and the prize is great. Get 500,000K top-up on your cashless card. Capture as many different photos of Green School logos around the school (on books, t’shirts, signs etc). To enter, simply email your photos to communications@greenschool.org with the subject link LOGO HUNT.


Term 3 After School Activities Begin Next Week

After School Activities will begin on Tuesday, January 17. Sign up for activities this term as there are so many different options of returning activities such as Balinese Dance, and also new activities like, Find Your DJ Name with Pak Baptiste and Afro Fusion Dance with Ibu Penelope. Take a look at this term’s schedule to see which activities are available and don’t forget to sign up!

Please click here to view the schedule and click here to sign up!

Gymnastics Classes Open this Term!

Bali Gymnastics opens classes after school this term! Bali gymnastics is a combination of artistic gymnastics, acro balance and performance gym activity. Not a competitive gymnastics type but rather a recreational and performance body art aimed at the overall well-being of children. Goal setting, emotional and self-esteem building, physical strength, coordination, balance and flexibility are all enhanced. A fun active practice for an all round healthy child..

Classes are scheduled to be on Wednesdays at the Sangkep. For inquiries and sign up please contact Ibu Patricia directly at baligymnastics@gmail.com

F R O M  G S P A

Green School Marimba Blessing

Marimbas are back! What a delight to hear the sound of the Marimbas playing at Green School this week when Ibu Jan led the first Jalan Jalan Marimba Class – but not before a beautiful Blessing Ceremony, courtesy of Ibu Kadek. Thank you once again to all the parents who participated in the massive fundraising drive to bring Marimba back to Green School! Welcome back Marimba – you have been sorely missed!


Starting a new school can be an exciting … and slightly terrifying day! Especially if you are also in a new country. But our ever-inviting Green School community rose to the occasion once again welcoming new families with open arms. To kick the morning off, our wonderful Class Ambassadors assisted Early Years and Primary families to their classes, while Middle School and High School students did the honors taking new students to their respective homerooms.

Once the kids were happily ensconced, GSPA then kicked off 2017 with a Welcome Meeting for parents, followed by lots of coffee socialising in the café… that went on till nearly lunchtime! New families will be kept very busy this week with our ‘Soft Landing Package’ (check details above). This is a great way to discover all the incredible things Green School & Bali has to offer. All families old & new welcome!


Friday 27th January 8.30am Sangkep


  1. Welcome & Intro to GSPA for New Parents

  2. Next GSPA Fundraising Venture

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please email gspa@greenschool.org.


  1. Go to Green School Website www.greenschool.org

  2. Click on Parent Login at top right of page

  3. Access code: AcademicYear2016_17


  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1477460235873670/


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