January 26 2017 Issue


Did you know that the first structure to be built on our beautiful campus was a bridge?  And did you know that we have Kul Kul Connection Student Ambassadors that introduce our visitors to the bridge during general public tours? This morning I had the great pleasure of witnessing 4 of our wonderful Kul Kul Connection local learners present this script with presence and conviction to our tour guests. Come hear from the KKC team at tomorrow’s Assembly, and hear what they said at this morning’s tour:

This is the Millenium Bridge. It is the second bridge in this place. The first one was broken in 2010 because of a flood. The very first building made at Green School in 2007 was that bridge. On this side of the bridge is the international community of Green School. On that side is my community of Sibangkaja. So the bridge is a nice symbol for a programme at Green School called Kul Kul Connection.

I am a Kul Kul Connection student. I learn English and also about the environment by coming here twice a week after school to join Kul Kul Connection classes and other activities at Green School. Kul Kul Connection was started 5 years ago so that Green School could share good things with the local community. Kul Kul Connection is also for the international community of Green School, so that they can connect with the local community around them.

It’s Green School’s mission to make our world sustainable. We believe that when the international and local communities come together, we can reach this goal.

Kul Kul Connection would like to express gratitude to the 325 local students who engage in our Trash For Class programme and to our 30 Local Scholars and their families for ‘crossing the bridge’ and engaging with our international community.  We would like to also thank the countless members of our international community who have welcomed them and have played a role in realizing an inclusive and integrated community of learners. -Pak Tim, KKC Director

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

Friday January 27 Chinese New Year Celebrations *Dress in Red and Gold or Pink and Yellow for House Points 8:30-9:30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 8:30-10am | GSPA Monthly Meeting | Sangkep 11am-Noon | Soap Carving | Sangkep 2:30-3:15pm | KKC Assembly | Sangkep 2-5pm | Farmers Market 3:30-4:30pm | Basketball

Monday January 30 8:15am | Yoga Intermediate II | Yoga Bale 8:30am | GSPA Meaningful Mondays | Upstairs Warung 8:30am | Jungle Run | meet at Freak Coffee 8:30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking Lot

Tuesday January 31 8:15am | Yoga Beginner I | Yoga Bale 9:30am | Zumba for Parents | Sangkep 9:30am | High School Safety | Yoga Bale 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room

Wednesday February 1 8:30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking Lot 3:30-4:30pm | Kul Kul Connection Gardening | Meet at freak coffee

Thursday February 2 8:15am | Yoga Intermediate III | Yoga Bale 3:30-4:30 | Insanity with Pak Dan | Sangkep (ASA) 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room

Friday February 3 8:30-9:30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 2:30-3:15pm | Assembly Featuring Grade 2 | Sangkep 3:30-4:30pm | Basketball





W H A T ‘ S  O N

An Assembly You Do Not Want to Miss, Showcases Kul Kul Connection

Friday, Jan 27 | 2:15-3:00pm in the Sangkep

Being the bridge to connect local and international community, Kul Kul Connection unquestionably plays an important role moving us forward in our mission as a community of learners, making our world sustainable. To understand more about what KKC is and what KKC does, you should not miss the next assembly where we will be recounting our activities through song, video, and a special performance of KKC students titled “Trash Monster”. See you there!

Show your Colors for House Points

Dress in Red and Gold or Pink and Yellow for House Points and be sure to visit the Farmers Market featuring dance, food, crafts and more!

Smile! Yearbook Photos Coming Up

Picture day is coming up in two weeks, Yay! All Green School students and staff will have an individual headshot and a group shot taken on their designated picture day:

Middle School schedule will be announced next week. We will schedule a re-take day for any students who might be absent on their designated day.

Keeping Our Teens Safe

Raising our children in Bali presents different challenges to those that we may face in other parts of the world. Join Pak Josh for a conversation regarding safety concerns for teenagers in Bali. We’ll be discussing alcohol, drugs, motorbikes and more. This is an opportunity to hear how the school addresses these topics. It’s also an opportunity to connect with other parents to share contact information and strategies that you’ve found successful.  Please join us in the Yoga Studio on January 31 at 9:30am.

Art Over Wheels

Bamboo Bike Building Workshop led by Klaus Volkmann in Bali – February 7 -16, 2017

EWABI, Bali’s electric bamboo bike company, is pleased to announce the second in a series of ongoing bamboo bike building workshops to be held from February 7 – 16, 2017.

Brazilian expert bamboo bike builder Klaus Volkmann is coming to Bali to lead a ten day workshop. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to build a bamboo bike frame from scratch. You will also learn how to make bamboo forks, handlebars and spokes. You can learn more about Klaus at http://www.artbikebamboo.com.br/, see photos from his previous workshops click here, and watch Craig Calfees video from EWABI’s first workshop.

The cost of the ten-day workshop is only Rp 6,000,000 and will run from 9AM – 5PM daily. Meals and accommodations are not included in this fee but will be offered at an affordable cost. Contact us for more details, we can help you to find the best place to stay during the workshop.

At the end of the workshop each team of up to four bike builders will have a “lucky draw” to see who gets to keep the frame that was built. Everyone will be able to build bamboo bikes for their own after the workshop and it will be a pleasure to give after-course support, by e-mail, during the construction of your first bamboo bikes.

The event is being hosted by EWABI (an Earth Corporation) whose mission is to lower the ecological and economic cost of mobility and transportation.  Space is limited to 16 participants.  Register today to reserve your spot.  Receive a 10% discount for every person you refer that signs up.  

To register for this event please email Mark Donovan at mark@ewabi.co.

F R O M  O U R   L E A R N I N G   E N V I R O N M E N T

Traffic Rules for a Safe Community

It is up to us, Green School Community members, to take responsibility to enhance and maintain a healthy and safe traffic situation for everybody. Dear students, parents, caregivers, drivers, and Green School employees who come to Green School by motorbike or automobile,

It is great to see that the Green School campus and its surrounding streets are becoming more lively. More people, more cars, more motorbikes, and we have noticed that more dangerous traffic-related situations occur on the street in front of Green School. Therefore, we would like to share 3 traffic norms for you to consider.

  1. One way direction

Please note that the street that leads you to Green School is a one-way street for motorbikes and automobiles, which should only be accessed via the Southern entrance, and exited in Northern direction.

  1. Vehicle Checkpoint

When arriving at Green School’s Vehicle Checkpoint; As driver of a motorbike or automobile you should slow down, open your window, and show your RFID pendant. Drivers are then directed to the designated parking and/or drop off area. Please be mindful to drive slow and safe.

  1. Drop Off Zone

We have developed a new Drop Off Zone in the north-eastern end of Green School’s parking zone. This new Drop Off Zone is to ensure that students step-in and -out of a car in a safer manner, while the main road is still to be used by other road users. We would like to remind you that this Drop Off Zone is not to be confused with, nor to be used as a parking space.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Learning Environment Team.

F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

Winds and Waves for the Win!

Hazel (grade 6A) joined in 2 different windsurfing competitions, 1st in Singapore (Southeast Asia championship) which was held from Jan 11 – 15. He received 3rd place for class bic techno under 16yo and he was the youngest from 8 participants (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia – Hazel, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hongkong, Singapore and Philippine). The 2nd competition was in Thailand (Thailand Windsurfing Championship Open) which was held from Jan 20 -22 at Pattaya and he won 10th place from 16 participants.

Support the Learning Kitchen

Do you have any kitchen utensils that you don’t use but still work fine for the students’ kitchen ? Last school year the kitchen was set up and it’s called Dapur Anak Alam (children of nature’s kitchen). It is located in the Heart of School (old primary art classroom).  It’s been frequently utilized, every week, for cooking classes by our students from primary to high school. However,  we have very limited equipments and would be grateful to receive any used kitchen utensils. If you have any pots or pans or any other kitchen utensils at home that you don’t use but still work fine,  we are more than happy to take them. Terima kasih banyak.  

For more info please contact Ibu Ida (ida.rahayu@greenschool.org)

A Meal(worm) Fit For A King

‘It’s funny how reluctant adults are to try something new’, said Lotte, Grade 9, on offering community members a taste of the Mealworm dishes they had created in their ‘Nature’s Fast Food ’ course. In a perfect moment of synchronicity, the holders of the Green School mission, our Trustees, met with the embodiment of the mission, our students, in a culinary encounter that put our commitment to being A Community of Learners to the test.  

Peter Barge, Ron Stones, Chris Saye, Barna Barath and Ibu Ika are the Green School Trustees and were on-site last week for their third meeting of the School year. A joyful, enlightening and impromptu addition to the agenda was the opportunity to engage with students and sample their creations – mealworms a la Green School!

A little taste of Green School was offered up to the Trustees along with Pak Wayan, Ibu Leslie and myself. You won’t be surprised to know that Ibu Leslie led the way in being brave and embracing this new learning opportunity. It is fair to say that mixed reactions ensued but it was a thumbs-up from Ibu Leslie and also Chris Saye, who went back for seconds and thirds!

Lotte and her group shared the gory details on the production and preparation of the mealworms and the recipes they had created. While this did nothing for my appetite, they had been receiving critical acclaim during their community tasting activity. According to Lotte, ‘Students are much braver and willing to try something new and different before deciding something is no good’. This left us with some food for thought, to say the least.

We may or may not have loved the mealworms, but we loved the interaction and the spirit of Green School children. Our Trustees are looking forward to their next gathering in April, to continue to support and guide our School and our community and to see what is on offer for lunch!

-Kate Druhan, Chair, Green School Board of Management

What does ‘Solidarity” mean to you?

Greetings Green School Community! We are the HSV Day committee and we have a number of requests and announcements for you! The theme of this year’s V-Day is ‘Solidarity’ and we couldn’t think of a more fitting theme as we just witnessed millions of men, women and children march for women’s rights around the globe. Please check out our Facebook event page to join our #Solidarity’s campaign!

In anticipation of our school’s fifth annual V-Day event, we will be hosting a school-wide and community-inclusive poetry contest.

MS/HS/Staff/Parents Prompts: What does gender mean to you? What is violence against women and how does this affect you?

Primary Prompts: What makes a good friend? What does it mean to stand up for someone? What is love?

Selected poets will be asked to share their pieces during VDay. We encourage all members of our community to contribute in any language!

In solidarity, VDay Committee 2017

Aquatic Program

​Upper Primary would like to announce the start of an exciting new aquatics programme that will combine elements of physical education with well-being. Having started last week, this new programme will continue to be piloted throughout Semester Two by Grades 5A and 5B.

We aim to help every Grade 5 child develop and extend their aquatic skills, confidence, and abilities, working systematically with small groups that will cover the full range from beginners to advanced swimmers. Children will be coached through a series of stages that closely resemble the Red Cross Swimming Levels, with the likelihood​ of excursions to the beach for advanced swimmers to work ​with highly experienced trainers​ to gain more experience of the open water.

Lessons will have a close well-being focus, including discussions and activities such as being mindful around water, balanced and healthy lifestyles, personal safety, exercise, and growth. Children will inevitably build relationships with their ‘pool buddies’ and hopefully carry their new skill set with them beyond school and out into the wider world.

​Pk Olly

Grade 5B Class Teacher

Know a Wanna-Be Green Educator?

The March intake of the Green Educator’s Course still has spaces Immerse yourself in the experience of learning more about Green School’s holistic, student-centered curriculum.  Participants stay overnight on the GS campus. For 6 nights, 7 days, attendees will experience green living at its finest while sleeping in Green Camp’s Lodge – a 2-story breezy, bamboo dorm and sharing some of the most delicious food on the island, prepared by Green School’s amazing kitchen team. The course will be led by Lead Teacher and Permaculture Expert Ian Lillington and Green School teachers who will provide our participants with an enriching educational experience. Participants will not only learn about the theory of Green School’s pedagogy, but also experience it in practice.

The Green Educator Course is open to educators and school administrators. To learn more about the course, and sign up visit:  http://events.greenschool.org/educatorcourse/

Early Bird fees close January 31, 2017.

All proceeds from the Educator Course go towards supporting Kul Kul Connection’s after-school English classes.

KemBali ke Sekolah

Did you know that KemBali has started to put our separation systems in local schools all over this area and in Sayan too?  The project is called KemBali Sekolah.  At the moment we are focusing on three schools in implementation, socialization and monitoring of each. Our goal this semester is 18 schools.  Like Green Schools’ KemBali, these are all self serve, meaning you sort it yourself.  The most crucial thing is that these students will manage these systems and be responsible for the waste they create.

We ask all of you to rise up and show these schools that this can work in a big way.  We ask each and every one of you to come and sort your stuff at KemBali, be responsible for what you purchase by reducing where you can, recycle all you can and send nothing to landfill.  When you bring your waste to KemBali, you know it will get recycled. We ask you to support us by donating clothes and household items to KemBali.  This is how we fund our educational projects in the local community.  We have a growing number of waste education projects on the books and it’s your donations that make us tick.  Be a change maker. KemBali is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again, and we want to tell you some of the BioMazing things we achieved this week.

  1. Marein, Ibu Berlyn, Taj, Jayden, and Pak Endra from Lengis Hijau have been planning Our Soap Carving Event  – Please, please, please come!! It’s going to be super fun and there are prizes!! This Friday, January 27th, after assembly (3:15), High School Art room. There is going to be a soap carving competition & workshop, and of course cold beverages to keep you company.  It will showcase the local craftsman that represent generations of the carving craft and quintessential Bali.

  2. Gayatri and Jordan have been designing the Biodiesel Bumper stickers – which, if you fill up at our Biodiesel Pump Station you will get for free (of course one of your choice).

  3. Today, Camilo, Ally, Mai-rah, Sheri, Wells, Yuki, Pedro, Gaia, Quinn have been collecting used cooking oil (UCO) and signatures in Ubud. They have collected 48 liters and found 19 potential future UCO donors!! Also Pak Dan, Christian, Remi, Babette, Viva, Mara, Ananda, and Flynn have been collecting data on UCO practices in Legian and surveyed 25 restaurants!

  4. Kyle and William have been making liquid soap/bar soap, and filtering glycerin. William has also been checking all wash stations for Bio Soap and bottling our Bio Soap in bottles so that you can have your hands cleaned anytime at Green School.  We will be selling Bio Soap and our Newly Designed Grease Police Tee Shirts at the Friday Farmers’ Market!

  5. Parent Joey has been working with Maxwell & Sophia in the planning of our app.  Also they have updating our Bio Bus website – if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look: http://www.gsbiobus.org/.  It contains all of our critical information!

  6. If, Ihno, Shiraz, and Dek got their hands greasy rebuilding a motorbike with a diesel engine from a generator to prototype a Bio Bike!

P E  &  S P O R T

This season we will have cuts from team rosters. We have had an excellent outpouring of interest, which is awesome, but we only have limited coaches and court time. Teams this year will be limited to 10 players and the number of teams have been limited to the number of volunteers available to coach. If you or your child did not make it onto the roster, don’t fear. House basketball is on all week every week this season. House games are fully refereed and the season culminates in a tournament final. In addition, the PE team with volunteers will be running open clinics for parents, students and coaches to build skills and workshop techniques. If you have concerns or questions please contact Pak Jade via email or stop by the gym after school for a chat.

F R O M  G S P A

LIVING IN BALI – Info Session for New Parents

New parents don’t miss this popular session where a panel of long-term parents share their experience & answer your questions – from housing and hiring staff to local remedies for mosquito bites. We will also be joined by Dr Nicki Lorenzini (Primary School Counselor) who will lead a discussion entitled ‘Resilient Moves – helping you understand the process of transitioning to a new school and country, and providing strategies that will help you and your family make a speedy and smooth transition to GS and to Bali.Pages to the dress code & lunch menus…don’t miss this fun informative session, and a chance to meet some new & old friends

NEXT GSPA MEETING Friday 27th January – Sangkep @ 8.30am


  1. Welcome & Intro to GSPA for New Parents

  2. Report from Ibu Leslie (including “Keeping Community Safe”)

  3. Next GSPA Fundraising Venture

  4. “Positions Vacant” – Volunteering at GS

  5. Kembali – Ibu Pauline talks trash

  6. KKC

  7. Sports Program

  8. GSPA

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please email gspa@greenschool.org.


Go to Green School Website www.greenschool.org

Click on Parents (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17)


  1. Go to Green School Website www.greenschool.org

  2. Click on Parent Login at top right of page

  3. Access code: AcademicYear2016_17


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