January in 3A

Happy Year of the Rooster Families!

Here are some highlights from January in 3A:

Our current Thematic is entitled: “I Rule” and includes all things related to measurement. The last two week we have been immersed in measuring length and distance using both the metric and customary systems. Our class projects have included several real world challenges like, how many total miles and kilometers were collectively traveled by our class over the holidays? Take a guess- how many times around the world do you think we traveled altogether?!

…71,129 miles or 114,471 kilometers OR almost 3 1/2 times around the Earth!!!

The students also helped Ibu Jenny figure out if all of her belongings in London will fit in a given storage unit by creating a mock unit with mock items to put “inside.” Based on their measurement skills everything will fit! Phew!

To wrap up our study of length and distance, the students decided to make custom cushion covers to replace our bright orange ones. First the children measured out the size of the cushion, and then “shopped” for fabric in Kembali. On Friday, Finiann’s mom, Mariana, and Ibu Prenny brought in their sewing machines to assist- such fun! Tomorrow they will begin cross stitching their names and designs they have imagined up. The thematic will also cover time, weight, mass, capacity, volume, and temperature. There’s so much more fun to be had!

And last but not least: our BFG Reader’s Theater performance for 3B and Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle!

For your children,

Kiki, Yulie, Nita, and Jenny


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