Japanese Workshops at Green School – March 6

A group of Japanese people, including educators, farmers, a fermentation specialist and a beekeeper trying to save bees from extinction, are visiting Green School.  They are keen to learn from Green School and take the idea back to Japan to make changes.

And in the course of 2 days, they are offering workshops for GS community to learn and experience Japanese culture in the spirit of ‘omotenashi’, Japanese way of hospitality.

Workshop #1: Miso making workshop

March 6 9am – 11:30am @ Student Village

Fee: 300 000 IDR

Let’s make miso (Japanese fermented bean paste) with a fermentation specialist from Japan.  In this workshop, you will make miso together with the expert, learn from his knowledge on fermentation and secret to miso making.  Miso are for you to take home and continue fermenting at home until they are ready to be eaten.

Workshop #2: Japanese mini workshops 

March 5 3:15pm – 4:30pm @ Warung Area

March 6 9am- 11:30am @ Upstairs Warung

Free – please bring cups, bowls and spoons to enjoy refreshments

Experience Japanese calligraphy, origami and sanshin (3-stringed musical instrument from Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan) while enjoying  traditionally prepared fermented food and tea.

There will also be a presentation by Mr. Funahashi, the beekeeper and activist trying to save the bees from extinction, on his activities and how he is collaborating with Opera France, Walt Disney and Kamehameha family of Hawaii.  Mr. Funahashi will be presenting at United Nations in the near future.  Let’s learn about bees, what we can do to prevent and save them from possible extinction.

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