Kelas 1B Updates!

Wow!  It’s been another busy week in Grade 1B!


In our COMMUNITY thematic last week we have begun thinking about our classroom and how to make it a special space for our 1B community.  We looked at our room, our garden and our fountain area and thought about what we liked about them.  Then, we worked with Ibu Pera and Pak Thabo to think about what we could add to our room to make it even better!  Our ideas were amazing – everything from painting game boards on the floor, to having a bird house in the garden to building a skate park near our fountain!  Have a look at the photos below to see our plans for our classroom.

We are looking forward to seeing which of these ideas we can bring to reality over the next few weeks!

We have also loved learning and practising our Peer Massage.  We start every Friday with this lovely time and it is a wonderful part of our community time together.  Here are a few photos.

Literacy and Maths

In literacy last week we have begun reading in class and thought about reading to ourselves and reading to each other.  We have also started practising some letters and sounds which will help us with our reading and writing as the year goes on.  In maths we have been practising reading and writing numbers, have tried putting them in order and some of us even practised putting numbers into the correct place on a number line.  Great learning!  

This week we will be setting up our reading groups here at school and we will use these in our literacy time to continue our practise of reading.  In maths we will begin thinking about place value in maths thinking about two digit numbers and what each digit means in them.


In Bahasa we have been going over the things we have already learned and also started practising lots of new things.  We have learned and practised the colours in Bahasa and also practised counting to 10.  We have tried really hard!

Notices for this Week

Please remember that this Friday is a holiday and school will be closed.  With our thematic activities this week, we may get a bit messy.  Please make sure the children have a change of clothes and/or are wearing old clothes that can get messy.  Thank you!

Do you have any old socks at home?  If you do, we’d love to have them for use here in the classroom.  Thanks a lot!

Thank you to all of those people who remembered their sports shoes on Tuesday and Thursday last week.  I know our PE team really appreciates it.  It would be great to see again this week.  Also, just a polite request about water bottles.  We have had a few children without them last week and it would be great to see everyone having a bottle every day.

Have a great day

Grade 1B Team

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