Kembali Interns Projects Win The UN Hackathon #CONNECT2EFFECT

KemBali member Abid Kamalsyah, I Made Wisakananda Pradipta and Green Camps’ Anna Soetarso teamed up this weekend as Hubud hosted  the #Connect2effect Global Hackathon and won the top prize. Eight regions from around the world to turn 1000 individuals into Sustainable Entrepreneurs through a 48 hours event around creating solutions for the world’s biggest challenges. This team named themselves Niskala, had 48 hours to turn the idea of zero waste solution for Balinese ceremonies into a sustainable business plan and pitched this to the judges. This year’s Hackathon generates a shift towards more responsible consumption and production (SDG 12). Niskala have taken on solving a global waste issues through a very local lens, using tradition to reconnect with nature. Congratulation Niskala team! Goodluck on the acceleration program to the global competition.

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