‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ at SD 1 Sibang Gede

KemBali was back to other local school to do waste socialization. Last Thursday, KemBali team (Robby, Eka, and Devi), GS Parents (Ibu Angela and Ibu Ethia), also Amy from Begawan Foundation went to SD 1 Sibang Gede. We renewed the bins because their old bins already broken. SD 1 Sibang Gede has been work together with KemBali in making mini recycling center since February 2017. All students and teachers were very good in sorting waste. It is evidenced by how students play gamification with us. All students were able to recognize, classify, and separate trash perfectly. It was so wonderful! They were very enthusiastic and full of spirit in doing the games. Thank you SD 1 Sibang Gede! Let’s continue our efforts in saving the environment from waste! Spread to the people around you!


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