‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ at SD Cepaka, Tabanan

Last week, on Wednesday, September 6th 2017, Robby, Eka, and Devi from KemBali, Ibu Sophie and Ibu Angela who are Green School parents, and Lucas (Grade 8) went to SD Negeri Cepaka. KemBali and SDN Cepaka worked together to apply mini recycling center in school. Around 125 students from Grade 1 until Grade 6 joined the activity.

This activity initiated by Pak Made Lilo, he is local people who lived in near SDN Cepaka. He was very sad and angry when Indonesian independence day celebration, all local communities burned all the trash. He unfortunately regretted that habit. He even took the initiative to call pick up truck and was willing to pay off using his personal money, before finally met with Marie Dyste, GS parent who suggested Pak Made to come to KemBali.

We socialized what is waste management, what is the importance to manage and reduce the waste, and learn how to sort waste to students and teachers. All students were so excited. They showed good behavior in listening, they was also able to recognize 6 catagories of waste easily, such as paper, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic cup, teh gelas, and sampah.

After we presented the 6 separation bins, students played games by picking up trash in around school area. The students were divided into 6 big groups, one group each grade. They were very enthusiastic and active in cleaning the class, school garden, soccer field, road in front of school, even ditch and vacant land near school from trash. Next, all trash that they got was weighed. Grade 1 got 1.5 kg, Grade 2 got 2 kg, Grade 3 got 8 kg, Grade 3 got 4 kg, Grade 4 got 4 kg, Grade 5 got 6 kg, and Grade 6 got 7 kg. The game was not finish yet. Each group had to sort their waste into 6 separation bins. This was challenging because they had to analyze and classify the waste in certain bins.

All students, teachers, and GS parents worked together very good. Hopefully what students and teachers have done will inspire local people around school to be aware to the environment, especially waste management and begin sorting waste. Let’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Make a better world with Zero Waste!

New Kembali events:

  1. Thursday, Septemeber 14th 2017 at 8 – 11.30: KemBali Ke Sekolah at SDN 1 Sibang Gede

Further information through IG: @Kembalilegacy or FB: KemBalilegacy

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