KemBali ke Sekolah at Sekolah Taman Tirta

We are so happy this week that we have very wonderful collaboration with GEC, Jalan-jalan Students, and Green Camp at Sekolah Taman Tirta. It started when Ibu Dian from Sekolah Taman Tirta contacted KemBali that the school wants to learn about waste management. We came with GEC, Jalan-jalan Students, and Green Camp by BioBus. By joining this activity, Green Educator participants and Jalan-jalan students learn how to build mini recycling center in local school, such us what we do and how the sustainability of activities for the future. Actually, Sekolah Taman Tirta is very clean. They have begun to introduce simple waste sorting to students, for example organic and inorganic waste. However, they still use one trash bin so it is difficult to apply waste sorting activity. Like usually, we starts with the introduction of six waste categories, such paper and tetrapak, plastic bag, plastic cup, plastic bottle, teh gelas, sampah. Green Camp should have workshop session with students. But because we run out of time the session will continue next meeting, we will arrange that.

It was very amazing when Sekolah Taman Tirta greeted us with Tari Pendet, Tari Barong, also Music and movement by the students. We really appreciate your enthusiasm! After the introduction types of waste session, students, GEC participants, and Jalan-jalan students divided into two groups to join make sign and trash walk. It was so much fun in making sign with the kids and GEC participants. So creative!

After back from trash walk, students sorted the trash and put into certain bin with guidance. Next, teachers and GEC participants had workshop to discuss and exchange how to improve their waste management at school. While Jalan-jalan students had discussion session with Ibu Tali from middle school as moderator also Devi and Ibu Pauline from KemBali. It is so proud that students very understand the danger of burning garbage. The problem is the local people still not understand that. It is a habit to burn garbage or put all trash in one big bin. Therefore, our missions are to spread awareness to reduce, sort, and manage waste. And we start it from local school.

There are so many things that we want to share more with students in Sekolah Taman Tirta. We will report you for next agenda. Please join us if you are interested with our program. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Let’s make Zero Waste World!

For more photos and videos please check our FB : KemBali Legacy and IG : kembalilegacy

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