KemBali ke Sekolah (KemBali Goes to Local School) is about to start!

We are so excited to start one of our program, that is ‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ means KemBali goes to school (local school). ‘KemBali ke Sekolah’ is a project to replicate KemBali recycling center in all schools around Bali. The program was created with the aim of providing example and guidance to the community in other schools to implement the better waste management system for environment. Now, KemBali has been working with 6 schools in forming mini recycling centers. KemBali sets 6 separation bin catagories, such as paper, plastic bottle, plastic bag, plastic cup, teh gelas (color plastic glass), and sampah (trash) into schools.

Good news! Tomorrow, KemBali will collaborate with one more local school, which is SD Cepaka in Tabanan to install recycling center. Do you want to know more about the program? Let’s join us tomorrow, on Wednesday, September 6th 2017 at 8-11 am. Please get together first in KemBali (please be on time; then we go to SD Cepaka together). We will do the socialization about waste management to the teachers and students (elementary students) as well as holding the knitting workshop from Ibu Ncie from Merajut Indonesia (web:, FB page: Ncie Merajut Indonesia )

We are really looking forward to your participation. Please contact us via email or if you interest to join and want to help us in spreading recycling behavior around local community.

Let’s make Zero Waste habit! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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