KemBali – New Launch in the New Year

Just one more week till holiday time! If you are leaving Bali or just want get rid of the clutter, why not KemBali (bring back)??

KemBali at Green Schools is not only a recycle center, we are much more. We are taking donations of clothing and household items to sell in our shop. Your donations help us in our education programs into local schools and our iHub programs. The new improved KemBali shop will be focused on up-cycled fashion, consignment  and iHub products.

If you are going home for the holidays, bring back those awesome pair of jeans you still keep but don’t fit anymore. We are planning to have a collection with up-cycled fashion and other beautiful things for our new launch of KemBali’s Shop in in the new year. We NEED your help to have the following: jeans, shirts (plaids, striped, anything!), ties, any cloths with pink, navy blue, and red colours. Join us by donating clothes that we can Upcycle together.  Fashion is a huge global polluter. Let’s start something.

Be the change you want to see!


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