KemBali Report – Waste Composition and Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculation

The KemBali team would like to share with you the Waste data that we have collected from August through October of 2017 through the recycle center and thrift store. Our mission is not only to reduce our waste to landfill, but also to try to reduce our green house gas emissions. In the past three months we have collected 3957 Kg of waste and have saved 2417.8 Kg of CO2e! Thank you so much parents, students, teachers, staff and Green School community who brought their waste and preloved things to our KemBali enterprise. We are setting a fine example for others to follow. Just think, 2417.8 Kg CO2e equals CO2e from 1030 liter of gasoline consumed. It is also equal to emissions that can be saved by 4.5 hectare of forest (which happen to equal entire area of Green School ) Wow! How great an impact by sorting and recycling your waste. Keep sorting your waste at KemBali and lets start reducing our waste to landfill, to give an even bigger impact. Small act, big impact!


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